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JAX Finance & JAX DevOps 2016 in Numbers:

The Conference for
Technology in Finance

JAX Finance is a three-day conference for software experts focusing on the specific technological needs of the financial industry. Topics such as low latency, messaging, exchange architecture as well as core Java technologies and continuous delivery are at the heart of this conference.
Additionally, this year, we introduce a fintech-dedicated track underlining our mission to deliver cutting-edge innovation.

JAX Finance 2016 Program

Welcome and Opening Keynote: Elements of the Fintech Revolution

Sebastian Meyen Software & Support Media
Eric Horesnyi

Clean configuration - The foundation of clean code

Chris Ainsley Independent Developer

Financial Portfolio Management with Java on Steroids

Marcus Gründler aixigo AG

Real-time APIs in Fintech: UX, Transparency, Dev and Devops

Eric Horesnyi

Building security into modern, high performance API architectures

Federico Schwindt Varnish Software

Fidor API Banking Insights

Stefan Weiß Fidor

Is Your Team Instrument Rated (or: Deploying 89,000 times a day)

J. Paul Reed Consultant

Super fast Workflows with Next Generation Engines

Daniel Meyer Camunda Services GmbH

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Peter Rossbach bee42 solutions GmbH

An Era of Emerging Data: APIs, Unstructured Text, and Crowd Trading

Pierce Crosby StockTwits

Java EE Microservice platforms - which is best?

Mike Croft Payara

BUX: Innovating Retail Trading by going Reactive

Joost van de Wijgerd BUX

What do you mean I need to change my build? - The story of how we are taking development to the clouds

Caroline Emmins IBM
John Owen IBM

From Zero to Webscale: Evolving a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Dr. Martin Hoefling TNG Technology Consulting
Dr. Johannes Ebke TNG Technology Consulting

FastData & Analytics - SQL, NoSQL, IMDGs, Hadoop, Spark - What next?

John Davies C24 Technologies Ltd.

Open Bank Project: Principles to Workshop

Simon Redfern TESOBE

A Look at Looking in the Mirror: Conducting Actionable Postmortems

J. Paul Reed Consultant

Java SE 8 best practices

Stephen Colebourne OpenGamma

Seven Deadly Sins of Debugging

Roger Orr Computer Programmer

Java-based microservices, containers, Kubernetes – how to

Ray Tsang Google

Using Java Reflection to Debug Performance Issues

Dr. Heinz Kabutz

Optimisation Subtleties Using C++ in Low-Latency Trading

Jason Hearne-McGuiness Count Zero Ltd

The Problem with Finance

Dr. Jamie Allsop

“You cannae change the …” - What happens when the laws of finance, meet the laws of physics

Neil Horlock Credit Suisse

Blockchain - Disruptive service or just another buzz word?

John Davies C24 Technologies Ltd.

Low Latency: When the OS gets in the way

Mark Price LMAX Exchange

Secure Systems Fundamentals - keeping bad guys out and regulators happy

Eoin Woods Endava

Beyond the Culture Deck: What You Don’t Already Know About Netflix

Mike McGarr Netflix

8 Things That Make Continuous Delivery Go Nuts

Eduards Sizovs

Lessons learnt in implementing and testing a low latency FIX gateway in Java

Daniel Shaya Chronicle Software
Peter Lawrey Higher Frequency Trading Ltd

Automating compliance through forensic IT

2016 Conference Tracks

Agile & Company Culture

Agile & Company Culture

FinTech & Innovation

FinTech & Innovation

Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

Core Java & Programming

Core Java & Programming

High Performance & Low Latency

High Performance & Low Latency

Blockchain Technology & Solutions

Blockchain Technology & Solutions

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