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Who are the most influential FinTech people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every FinTech enthusiast or pro should be following.

All influential people have something in common: they can spread ideas faster and better than anyone else. We are aware that following these people has a handful of perks, including staying on top of the latest news and trends. Therefore, we decided to concoct a list of Twitter accounts all FinTech fans should follow.

The analysis ranks the top accounts in accordance with their social influence, although interestingly enough, not all household names of FinTech evangelists are on the list. Nevertheless, we are very proud of the list that we came up with.

Congratulations to all influencers who made it into our top 20 list. Click on each username to visit their Twitter accounts.


We first generated a list of twenty thousand FinTech-related Twitter accounts (including all accounts that contain the keyword Fintech in their bio or in any of their tweets.)
To score the account and rank them accordingly, we analyzed their social authority and reach using two key metrics: MozRank and Klout.

Moz Social Authority Score: Social Authority score is composed of:

    1. The retweet rate of users’ last few hundred tweets.
    2. The recency of those tweets.
    3. A retweet-based model trained on user profile data.

Visit this MOZ blog post for more in-depth information.

Klout Score: Klout uses more than 400 signals from eight different networks to update the Klout Score daily. It’s mainly based on the ratio of reactions a user generates compared to the amount of content he shares. Read more at the Klout score blog.


1. Mike Quindazzi @MikeQuindazzi
Managing Director • @StrategyAnd @PwC • Economic Council Co-Chair • @LAEDC • Tweets for the C-Suite {#CEO #CFO #CMO #CIO #CDO #CTO #CISO} on Global #Megatrends!

Klout score: 78
Moz score: 80
Total score: 158
2. Jim Marous @JimMarous
Keynote Speaker, Author, Publisher. Top 10 #Fintech Global Influencer. Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand. Owner, Digital Banking Report http://bit.ly/2eTDNUs

Klout score: 78
Moz score: 79
Total score: 158
3. Spiros Margaris @SpirosMargaris
#VC @kapilendo_AG@moneymeets_com Senior Advisor @FinTechForum_DE @dsergmbh@werthstein INFLUENCER: Global No. 1 #Fintech & No. 2 #InsurTech by @Onalytica

Klout score: 74
Moz score: 82
Total score: 156
4. Brett King @brettking
Author http://AugmentedBook.com , Founder http://moven.com , Speaker | #HuffPo@Forbes @CNBC | World’s #1 Fintech Podcast/Radio Show http://BreakingBanks.com

Klout score: 74
Moz score: 74
Total score: 148
5. Andreas Staub
Managing Partner @FehrAdvice – Behavioral Economics Consultancy Group #behavioraleconomics & #bigdata#fintech #IoT #AI #UX #CX #design

Klout score: 71
Moz score: 77
Total score: 148
6. Chris Gledhill
#FinTech Speaker, Writer and Commentator. CEO & Co-founder at @SeccoAura. Passionate about disruptive tech, financial inclusion & innovation.

Klout score: 71
Moz score: 74
Total score: 144
7. Florent Letourneur
Co-fondateur @HtmyFR : #recrutement & #marqueEmployeur. Fan #RH#sourcing #emploi #socialmedia#personalbranding #ereputation #startup#innovation #i4emploi

Klout score: 68
Moz score: 73
Total score: 142
8. Sebastien Meunier 赛宝
Consulting #FinServ #Innovation#Transformation | #Fintech #Insurtech Influencer Speaker Mentor | #Blockchain#AI #RPA #金融科技 | Chief Cook Officer in private

Klout score: 69
Moz score: 72
Total score: 141
9. Curtis S. Chin @CurtisSChin
Former US Ambassador~Board/Biz Executive~Milken Fellow~Commentator & Warrior against the #littleBRIC: bureaucracy~regulation~interventionism~corruption.

Klout score: 68
Moz score: 72
Total score: 140
10. Tiffany Hayden @haydentiff
The next Governor of Michigan 2018 #Libertarian @LPMI At-Large Director #Fintech #Bitcoin #Ripple #Homeschool (***I no longer read DM’s.)

Klout score: 63
Moz score: 76
Total score: 139
11. Bill Sullivan
Global Head #FinancialServices Mrkt Intellig @Capgemini; #Fintech #FinServ#Banking #InsurTech insights (#WRBR16 #WIR16 #WWR2016#WFTR17) #Finserv25 Avid golfer

Klout score: 68
Moz score: 70
Total score: 137
12. Florian Graillot
VC investor @AXAVentures | #Startup, #VC, #FinTech, #InsurTech, #Blockchain, #AI | #AXA | Formerly @Newfund @BCGinFrance

Klout score: 67
Moz score: 69
Total score: 136
13. Chris Skinner
Shaping the future of financial services

Klout score: 67
Moz score: 69
Total score: 136
14. Oliver Bussmann
Global FinTech Executive, Advisor, Keynote #Speaker and Blogger. Top 10 #FinTech #Blockchain Influencer.

Klout score: 69
Moz score: 67
Total score: 136
15. David M. Brear 金融科技 @davidbrear
CEO at @11FSTeam #BuildingBanks, #Blockchain #Insurtech & #FinTech Investor, Speaker, host of the iTunes no1 podcast @FinTechInsiders & NED at @this_is_bud 金融科技

Klout score: 67
Moz score: 68
Total score: 135
16. Merete Buljo
#CDO #CMO @Natixis @EuroTitres#Digital #Innovation #CX#Intrapreneurship #Climate #i4Emploi#JamaisSansElles #IntFem#Chairwoman @CCFN_Norvege@IntoME4

Klout score: 66
Moz score: 68
Total score: 134
17. pascalb uvier ≠ @pascalbouvier
#Fintech VC. Skepticism is healthy. Joy is sublime. Chess is pain. Swears in French. Venture Partner @SanInnoventures Views my own.

Klout score: 71
Moz score: 62
Total score: 133
18. Neira Jones @neirajones
Advisor| Speaker| Payments| Innovation| Fintech| Security

Klout score: 66
Moz score: 66
Total score: 133
19. Oscar Williams-Grut @OscarWGrut
Senior Reporter at @BIUK covering finance & politics, with a fintech slant. Love food & beer, CPFC fan. Tips & stories to owilliamsgrut@businessinsider.com

Klout score: 66
Moz score: 67
Total score: 132
20. David G.W. Birch
Opinions are my own (I think) and presented only in my capacity as an interested member of the general public.

Klout score: 66
Moz score: 66
Total score: 131

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