Jax Finance 2017

Applying DDD at pace for Effective Microservices

Docker in production

DevOps Kaizen: Empowering Teams to find and fix their own Problems

Strata, the Open Source Java Library for Market Risk

An analysis of the dynamic evolution of the fintech landscape

What makes you and your colleagues in the company being fragile?

A Practical Guide for Continuous Delivery with Containers

Data Hunters: The Rise of Quant Consultants

Become a garbage collection hero

The Fast (Developer) and the Furious (Ops team). Is your business closer to the quick or the dead?

Cooking with Data

From HFT to Laplace Demon, when timed data technology curves the market

Why would anyone do out of hours support for free?

The Road to Continuous Deployment: a case study

Docker and Containers, technology innovation in a highly regulated industry

Java 9 modules

API standards: Banking post PSD2 and Social apps.

The Seven (More) Deadly Sins of Microservices

The world of payments are about to change

Deploy Stuff, Run Stuff

Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance

Don't dump the thread dump

Social Media, Real Time AI and the search for Alpha

Container: check! But what about persistent data, big data or fast data?!

Communication Driven Development

Turbo Charge CPU Utilization in Fork/Join Using the ManagedBlocker

Not Your Father's Complexity

How and why to design your Teams for modern Software Systems

Superpatterns in DevOpsology

Hyperledger Project: a new kind of platform for the next generation of the Internet

Security Professional's Toolbox: Semi-automated Pentesting with Open-Source Tools

Succeeding in the Cloud - the guidebook of Fail

A Glimpse of Python for Finance Folk

After Acceptance: Techniques for making sense of what your system is producing and detecting issues before customers do.

Using Java 8 Lambdas and StampedLock To Manage Thread Safety

Web Hacking: Pentesting and attacking web apps

Organization Design for effective Software Systems