Advisory Board

JAX Finance, 9 - 12 April 2018
The Conference for Technology in Finance

Dr. Jamie Allsop

Currently Director of – – Jamie is leading the development of a next generation exchange platform targeting MiFID II and emerging economies. Previously at the NYSE he was responsible for their market data platform and next generation projects. Impacted by the Flash Crash in 2010 he acted as a technical witness to the SEC. A member of the BSI C++ ISO Standards Panel and previous co-author of a best seller on C++ he enjoys getting his hands dirty in code. Recently he open-sourced cuppa, a python Scons-based build framework to simplify building complex C++ systems. Passionate about agile development, and a long time speaker on the topic, he particularly relishes helping distributed teams embrace agility.

John Davies


John is co-founder of C24 a London-based software house specialising in high performance Java, integration and analytics. In the past John has been chief architect at several international banks, VISA and technical director of a few NASDAQ companies, one of whom he sold his last startup to. John remains very much hands-on and has recently authored several papers on Java 8, binary codecs and low-latency integration. Between the code he enjoys travelling and photography, when not on a plane he lives with his French wife and 3 boys in London who also enjoy travelling as long as there’s wifi.

Eric Horesnyi

Eric was a founding team member at Internet Way (French B2B ISP, sold to UUnet) then Radianz (Global Finance Cloud, sold to BT). He is a High Frequency Trading infrastructure expert, passionate about Fintech and Cleantech. Eric looks after 3 bozons and has worked in San Francisco, NYC, Mexico and now Paris.

Pouya Kamali

Software & Support Media

Pouya is responsible for finance, strategy and product development at S&S Media. He has several years of experience in financial services: Most recently as a quantitative analyst in FX algorithmic trading at RBS, where he was writing trading algorithms on a Java platform. Prior to that he was an emerging markets hybrids trader, also with RBS. He holds a PhD in pure mathematics from UCL.

Peter Lawrey

Higher Frequency Trading Ltd

Peter Lawrey has the most Java answers on StackOverflow, he is the founder of hte Performance Java User’s Group with over 1000 members, and the lead developer of OpenHFT, open source software used by Investment Banks, trading houses, and hedge funds.

Sebastian Meyen

Software & Support Media

Sebastian is Chief Content Officer at S&S Media. He has been actively involved with the IT industry for more than 10 years. As a journalist he is constantly in touch with thought leaders in software development and architecture. He is editor in chief of the German speaking Java Magazin and program chair of the JAX conferences since 2001. Prior to joining S&S Media, he studied philosophy and anthropology in Frankfurt, Germany.